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Fall Tryouts

For the 2024 Spring/Summer Season

Blue Star Sponsored
Top brackets
Top Talent
Social Media Coverage
Years of college success

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Please refer to the information below for more details about our Club!

Sponsored Platform

Blue Star: Compete against top teams, in the top brackets, playing against talent that grabs college coaches' eyes just as we do 

Social Media Representation

Game-to-game coverage by our club which is recognized (reposts, retweets, subtweets) by larger platforms  such as @BlueStarMedia, @USJN, @AngelaSantaFe (select events), @BlueStarBasketball, @BashHudsonNE (HerHoopsNetwork), and @NYGHoops

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Endless Networks

Our athletes have the opportunity to be posted on the Blue Star  social media, and across the largest college coaches database through scouting services and written media

We look forward to seeing you there!

For Venmo, please send payment to ctstarters and email with all information included in the form linked to the left (form can not be submitted online without payment)

we are
ct starters


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