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2022 ROSTER - Grade 11 Blue Star (Class of 2023)

Coaches: Fred Williams, Brian Medeiros


April 22-24

May 20-22

May 28-29

June 18-19

June 22

June 25-28

July 6-8

July 10-12

July 20-23

July 23-25

Select Events-Spooky Nook (Manheim, PA)

Select Events (Atlantic City, NJ)

RI Breakers (Mansfield, MA)

Basketbull (Springfield, MA)

Starters Showcase Jamboree

USJN Showcase (Hershey, PA)

USJN (Indianapolis)

USJN-Nike (Chicago)

USJN (Richmond, VA)

Select Events-Spooky Nook (Manheim, PA)


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